Improbable Fiction: Quotes by Alan Ayckbourn

"A few years ago, I wrote a play about an amateur dramatic society called A Chorus of Disapproval; this is sort of the equivalent, about a writers' group. As you get older, writing gets harder. You know you're going to repeat something of yourself because you are still you; but I try to get something new into the work."
(Unknown publication, 2005)

Improbable Fiction I was working with a writers' circle and it slowly dawned on me that none of them had written anything, they just liked the idea of it. We had a lovely afternoon but it got me thinking - what if some Irish/American writer had flown in several thousand miles to such a talk and got more and more drunk throughout until they all got the sharp edge of his tongue? It would be quite funny. And that was the starting point for the play."
(Oxford Mail, 3 February 2006)

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